REVISION Flow friction, Pipelines, Two phase flow, Carbon dioxide

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June 10th 2020 – Compression – CARBON DIOXIDE

May 11th 2020 – Geothermal loop – CARBON DIOXIDE

April 15th 2020 – Fossil fuel power plants – CARBON DIOXIDE

March 23th 2020 – Engine vehicles / Recovery & treatment – CARBON DIOXIDE

March 19th 2020 – Sour gas & Water disposal – CARBON DIOXIDE

March 16th 2020 – Pipeline pump dynamic interaction – TWO PHASE FLOW

March 10th 2020 – 2nd generation Two Phase Flow Pumps – TWO PHASE FLOW

March 8th 2020 – Junction and Spiral Welds – PIPELINES

March 8th 2020 – Smart Pig – PIPELINES

Seven theme update

Revision of theme 1 - Flow friction, aerodynamic and hydraulic testing of pipe internal coatings, apparatus for measuring hydraulic roughness, 2D and 3D structured surfaces.
Revision of theme 2 - Pipelines, aerodynamic testing of aged coatings, losses at junction and spiral welds, structured surface manufacturing, economics, smart pig for hydraulic roughness measurement inside pipelines
Revision of Theme 3 -  Two phase flow, two phase flow pumps, two phase flow turbines, two phase flow applications, pipeline - pump interaction, severe slugging.